What's a Lisl?

Writings and Rantings


I have a little tiny black book. It was given to me a few years ago with very specific instructions. The book holds my life story up until this point, blank pages past the words representing the days to come. A kind gift, I thought. To see your whole life story, word for word, thought […]


We must’ve hit a series of potholes. There’s creaking and bouncing and somehow in the cramped space I end up upside down. My feet are where my head just was, but I am still folded in half, unable to move any better than before. There’s a new scratch on my back from sliding down against […]

From Afar

You’re so pretty from afar. It’s all big picture, dressed up in lights and wrapped with a bow. You can’t see the imperfections, flaws blur into oblivion, and with my poor eyesight you might as well be heaven personified. You’re so pretty from afar, but take a few steps closer and things get rough around […]

Little Rivers

Authors note: I apologize for any formatting issues, I’m on a cross country road trip and I’m writing and posting from my phone. There’s a man that lives by himself in that big house at the end of the street. In the mornings before class I bring him groceries and I feed his cat, in […]

Hell on High Seas

There’s a storm out west that stretches too wide to go around and too deep to see the end. We knew it was coming before we could see it, but still there was nothing we could do. We bark commands and tie our knots and prepare for a rough night. We hunker down in hammocks […]


When you were younger, you decided that each person got one real scream in their life. No one told you this or even put the idea in your head, you just decided it. It became fact to you. Each person gets one real, earth-shattering, every-head-in-the-vicinity-turning scream. Most people use it when they are young. Small […]

The Skull on the Desk

There’s a skull sitting on a desk in the front of the room. Of course there is. It’s a physical anthropology class, we are here to learn about how that skull came to be how it is. It’s got a big A1 written on its forehead, for cataloguing I assume. It’s written sloppily in black […]


She painted me that night in reds and yellows. Splashes of blue flecked my cheeks and I watched the deepest shade of red in my hair drip down the canvas like blood running down, down, down. Down my forehead and over my nose, splitting my lips and sliding past my chin, breaking the depth and […]

All In Time

Do you ever just wish you could capture a moment? Not just a picture, not just what you see. You wish you could capture all of it. The way the air feels on your skin and the exact color of the sky. The way the emotions and thoughts running through your head line up. The […]