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Flowers in a Graveyard

I grew in a graveyard, small, but strong. I was the little bit of life in a garden of dead and I was all the happier for it. My petals were gold and my leaves were long and pointed and anywhere else people would’ve called me a weed, plucked me straight from the ground. But […]

The Beautiful Eye in a Storm of Disaster

YUS I AM WRITING AGAIN IT FEELS SO GOOD. I hope this is the end of my severe bout of writer’s block. My mother and I often argue whether I am capable of writing about what I have not experienced. I, of course, think I can, but I will let you be the judge of […]

I Finished My Novel–Part 1

Well this is awkward. I may or may not have based the main character of this piece on myself. Is that weird? That’s totally weird. Alright, well it’s a little too late for me to be concerned with weird. I am weird. I will figure out how to deal with that one day. In the […]

“The Morning After”

I stared up at the painting in absolute disgust and disconnect. I could not believe I actually painted such a monstrosity. It just did not feel like me. I could just barely remember sitting in a dark room, painting the reflection of my leg in a broken mirror. My leg, folded underneath me, battered and […]

Death and Destiny

This is based on a post from tumblr about an alternate universe where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate and the color goes away when they die. Sunday, April 19, 7:32 AM—Red Pebble Place Bananas? Check. Bread? Check. Pizza? Double check. Three grocery bags sitting on two boxes of pizza I […]

Stay. On. Topic.

There is a road, but that is all there is. It extends upwards (downwards?), pushing towards where the sky (ground?) would be if there was one. It twist and bends and curves and spirals into itself. On either side, there is nothingness. I do not know how I how I got here, yet no one […]

Photographic Memories

Sometimes I have assignments for school, and sometimes my mom reads them, and sometimes she tells me to post them here. So that is what I am doing. Photographs have never held much importance to me. I would rather live in the moment than look back at pictures of what I missed from behind the […]

Qualitative Quirks

If you have not noticed, I draw a lot of my inspiration from random internet resources and generators. The challenge I gave myself for this story was to generate five quirks from a character quirks generator and incorporate the first five I get into a very short story without the story revolving around any of […]

Sharp Edges

Okay, so, things get a little complicated here. I have never really been sure if I should put trigger warnings on things I write like this, so I just don’t post them, but this time is an exception. I’m not really sure what to say other than this is quite gruesome, a little twisted, and […]