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One Last Step- Part 6- FINAL PART

ATTENTION! THIS IS THE LAST PART!!!! IT IS OVER!!!YAY!!!! But seriously, this is the last piece. I feel the need to put some sort of warning here because it is sad, so , read at your own risk I guess…? Anyway, I really sincerely hope you enjoy it!     She shook her head, laughing […]

Communication Nation

Every language changes over time. What one word means today might not mean the same thing in a few decades and what a word means now might not be the same as what it meant one decade ago. According to an English teacher I know, the dictionary is being edited on a daily basis based […]

Test of Fate

Each person has their own talents, their own thoughts, and their own ideas. That is exactly why they are called individuals. They each have an individual purpose, an individual personality, and an individual way of thinking. So why are all students judged on the same scale? Students are given numbers and letters that entirely represent […]

Bucket Lists

I was watching a television show the other day that brought up the idea of a bucket list and it sparked my interest. Tons of people have a bucket list with places they want to go and people they want to meet and things they want to do. Personally I want to see both the […]